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This is the place where you will find user guides, developer guides, how-tos and tutorials for building web applications quickly.

The current version is still in active development and is not complete yet.

The challenge of a good documentation is to find the right words, so that you, as a reader, catch the meaning quickly without any hassle. In addition, an online documentation requires to be in sync with the development speed of the product. New features, updates and bug fixes will come along, so do not forget to check the latest documentation updates.

In case you have trouble understanding the documentation send us an email to build@saas.do.

saas.do documentation is divided into four sections: main, entity-, flux- and ui-builder. In the main section, you can learn how to create and import applications, what REST API is, as well as how to navigate in the application builder. In the entity-builder, you can learn how to create and edit entities. In the flux-builder, you can learn what fluxes are and how to create them. Finally, in the ui-builder you can learn how to create and edit views.

You can choose one of the sections in the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

main menu

In this chapter we introduce how you can create and import new web apps in saas.do. You will get a brief guide through the basic concept of REST API as well.

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